750 Walnut Avenue Proposal for 905 Apartment Units

Latest Update: June 2, 2018

The July 6th Planning Board Hearing for Hartz 750 Walnut Avenue has been adjourned (postponed) until July 18, 2018.

TAPintoCranford: “According to James Rhatican, director of land use and
development for Hartz Mountain, certain witnesses are unable to appear at the June 6 planning board meeting.”
Hartz Mountain to Continue Application at Cranford Planning Board on July 18

Here is a flyer saying the Planning Board hearing is postponed. If you distributed flyers before, especially to those who might not have internet access or email, please distribute these by Wednesday if you can. Thank you

More Ways you can help:

  • Buy a “Say NO to 750 Walnut Ave” lawn sign to display in your front yard. Signs are $10. Email CRAOCranford@gmail.com for how you can get a sign.
  • Pass information about this project and Planning Board meeting dates to your neighbors and Cranford friends.
  • Come to Planning Board and Town Council meetings when the 750 Walnut Avenue project, Affordable Housing plans, or overdevelopment are on the agenda. Agendas must be posted a minimum of 48 hours before the meeting. Agendas can be found here:  https://www.cranfordnj.org/minutes-and-agendas.

Proposed Project & Status:

Hartz Mountain Industries wants to build 905 mostly luxury rental apartments at 750 Walnut Avenue This will increase Cranford’s population up to 8 – 10%, severely straining our school system, emergency services, infrastructure, and traffic patterns in and around Cranford.

In March 2017 Hartz sent an application to the Cranford Planning Board requesting a zoning change from “commercial” to “residential” so they can build these 905 apartments. After Hartz postponed several times, their application began to be heard at the last Planning Board meeting on May 16, 2018.

Only one of approximately four Hartz Mountain expert witnesses testified at that meeting. Testimony will continue at the next Planning Board meeting on Wednesday, June 6th. If testimony is not finished, a Special Meeting will be scheduled. Links to documents related to this project and the Hartz Mountain rezoning application are below.

WE NEED RESIDENTS AT THESE PLANNING BOARD MEETINGS to show our opposition to this project.

Cranford Planning Board Procedure:

The basic procedure is a Hartz Mountain expert witness is questioned by the Hartz representative. Then the Planning Board can ask questions of that expert, then the residents. Like a court proceeding, only questions are allowed, not comments. Questions can only relate to that particular person’s area of expertise. Then Hartz questions the next expert and so on until all experts have been questioned.

Documents Related to this Application and Requested Project: 

Hartz Application to Rezone 750 Walnut Ave, March 2017

Hartz Planning Report Supporting Rezoning Request

Hartz Architectual Plans

Hartz Langan Traffic Study

Hartz Fiscal Impact Planning Report (Original)

Hartz Proposed Zoning Plans

Hartz Site Survey

Township Request to Hartz for Additional Info, August 2017

Hartz Fiscal Impact Planning Report – Updated August 2017

Cranford Development Review Committee Request for Dept Reviews, May 2017

Engineering Professional Review

Environmental Committee Professional Review

Fire Department Professional Review

Health Department Professional Review

Historical Preservation Advisory Board Professional Review

Township Executive Stormwater Management Statement

Township Traffic Professional Review Update, May 2018