Fair Share Plan

Cranford Housing Element and Fair Share Plan:

The Affordable Housing Court Judge approved and signed Cranford’s Judgement of Compliance and Repose (Fair Share Plan) on May 11, 2021. Cranford has immunity from builder’s remedy lawsuits until July 2025.

Cranford’s approved Housing Element & Fair Share Plan Final is here. The document Fair Share Plan Appendices is here. This includes the signed Settlement Agreement with FSHC and Settlement Agreement (Memorandum of Understanding) with Hartz Mountain for 750 Walnut Ave.

More detailed information on each project is in the Fair Share Plan. Larger images of the major projects are on pages 35-38. The full table of projects both built and new are on pages 10 – 12.

These are the new projects in the Fair Share Plan. Many are downtown:

    • 100 – 126 South Ave between Walnut and High Street: 55 total units, 11 affordable
    • 201 Walnut (bank drive-thru): up to 40 total units, 8 affordable group home units
    • North Ave East redevelopment: up to 42 total units, 8 affordable
    • 109 Walnut: 3 story, mixed use with 24 total units, 4 affordable
    • 310 Centennial: 3 story, mixed use of 20 total units, 4 affordable
    • 24 South Ave West (E.F. Britten) – 15 total units, 3 affordable
    • Myrtle Street Site: near the intersection of Bryant and Commerce: 8 unit supportive and special needs facility
    • 750 Walnut Avenue / Hartz Mountain: 250 total units, 38 are affordable