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With pressure from Cranford residents, the Township Committee  reversed its position on the timing of community input for the plan.

Topology NJ LLC will be preparing the Redevelopment Plan. They released an outline for a “Public Engagement Plan” to occur during preparation of the draft instead of after.

The Engagement Plan outline is in the July 16 Cranford Township Newsletter, under “Redevelopment Updates”.

Specific dates and locations for each phase of Community Engagement are expected to be posted soon.

This project, part of the Fair Share Plan, in general calls for a 3 story mixed-use development with up to 42 total units with 8 of those affordable housing units.

An image of the overall project area is on page 35 of the Fair Share Plan. Some of the properties within the project area are not included. The Fire House is excluded.

In July of 2020, the Planning Board contracted with Maser Consulting to do an investigation to determine if the area qualified as a “Condemnation Area in Need of Redevelopment”. The conclusion is that the area does qualify. Here is the Maser Report.

This page on Cranford’s website contains FAQs for the project from August 2020.

In February 2021 the Township Committee solicited “Expressions of Interest” for the North Avenue Gateway Redevelopment Area (RFEI) outlining the parameters of the proposed project and what properties within the target area are included. The request Cranford sent out is Request for Expression of Interest

The Review memo and responses are on the Cranford website North Ave Gateway page.

According to the June 19, 2021 Cranford Township News, the Township Planner will begin preparing a Draft Redevelopment Plan. The first community meeting is expected to be in September 2021.